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This small ebook talks about the final size (in Mb) of a game. It may seem
strange to talk about size these days, when the average size of 2D
games can easily pass the 1Gb mark. We are no longer as limited as
developers were decades ago. Any personal computer or console is
thousands of times more powerful than the versions they handled.
We also don't have the limit supported by the physical media the
games were distributed with. And our internet connection is
incredibly fast, allowing for colossal downloads of over 100Gb for a
typical AAA game.

But how were things done? How did developers manage to create
games like Chronno Trigger or Super Metroid with so little space
available? Nowadays, when a single music file can exceed 10Mb, it
seems like an impossible task. However, if on the one hand we do
not have the limitations of the time, on the other hand we have
more knowledge to make the most of the resources that the
evolution of technology has provided us.

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